How To Live Better, With More Financial Peace, While Creating the Results You Want, Whenever You Want…

…Even if You’ve Been Stuck for Years

Learn the Financial Strategies That Will Help You Overcome the Fear Of Investing, and Self Doubt.

This Book Will Show You How To Get Started.

Chris Virgin, MBA, Founder of Chris Virgin Academy

Imagine being in control of your time and feeling excited about life again.

Waking up each day energized about your life and your future.

Here’s the secret: You need to learn how to direct your mind.

But not in the way you might think.

Sometimes you are endlessly scrolling on social media...

looking to escape the day to day grind

...but after hours of scrolling your problems are still there.

That’s because social media is a temporary escape.

And yes, change does start with exposing yourself to new ideas

But if it stops there and never turns into actions

Your life isn’t going to change.

So you stay stuck.

In your comfort zone.

The anticipation you once felt for your future?


I want to help you find it again (or maybe for the first time).

Me a few years ago:

Sitting in a cubicle all day, I started to feel myself die inside a little every day.

Being in the banking industry, I always thought I would be helping people for a living.

But here I was working at Wells Fargo trying to get people to open checking accounts.

But there was a good salary.

There was health insurance.

The things that I was told I should want.

While I knew I was meant for so much more, I also felt lost and confused about how to change.

Fast forward to today:

I’ve helped thousands of people through my book and Money Mastery Academy.

I run one of the country’s most successful Money and Life Mastery schools.

We teach people how to use budgeting, stocks and real estate to live they life they truly want.

The Strategy we teach is the truth of how the world works simplified to its essence so it’s actionable for you.

To create financial peace

To get unstuck.

To transform your life.

How Would Your Life Be Different if You Experienced
Results Like Many of My Clients?

"Chris helped me create a  investment strategy  and I doubled my portfolio. Chris keeps it simple"
"Chris helped us build our stock and real estate portfolio. We now own 3 rental properties. His passion is unmatched. "
"Chris helped me make my first $40,000 in the stock market as a beginner. He keeps things simple.
"Chris helped me pay off over 50k in debt and triple my income. He start you off mastering your budget then multiplying your income. I wish I met him 10 years ago.
"Chris helped me save money on my investment fees and buy my first rental property."
"Chris helped me double my stock portfolio. He keep things so simple for beginners"

Get Your Copy Today!

The book is called Become a Money Making Machine so you start living life on your own terms.

But it also works to help you create a clear vision on how you want to live. 

Or handle your where to start in investing

Or improve your relationship with money

Or start taking calculated risk with stocks and real estate

It’s the ultimate financial manual that should be taught in school.

And it’s only $10.

If you enjoy the book, you may want to get mentored by my team and I.

Or not.

Either way, this book can change your life. 

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn Inside the Book:

  • How and why most of us have not learned about money, credit, budgeting, real estate and stocks but spent every year in grade school learning about social studies, science and math
  • Why most people will never build wealth and be able to enjoy the benefits of time freedom.
  • How to change your money mindset and begin to develop thought patterns that will help you attract money with little effort.
  • How to make more money faster in the job market
  • How to make money in the stock market
  • How to make money in real estate
  • How to make money in the business market
  • And so much more…

This Works Even if You’ve Been Stuck for Years (or Decades)

People often struggle to create lasting change because they try to manage problems at a surface level instead of getting curious and going deeper.

What gets us unstuck is understanding WHY we make choices or do things that aren’t in our own best interest.

And that understanding can happen in an instant when you have the right tools.

Tools you likely didn’t have access to, until now.

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Bonus #1

The Power Of Letting People Go So You Can Grow

Chris explains why some friends, family and associates can't go with you to the next level. You'll learn how important it is to become conscious of the thought patterns and beliefs systems that were created in your childhood. 

Bonus #2

How to budget and payoff debt faster with stocks and real estate.

Chris is going to access to his personal bank account and show you how he paid off his house in 3 years. Over $260,000 paid off. Learn the secrets of money that most people have never seen before. 

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