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The Wealth Building Simplified Program is the game-changing first generation millionaire mentorship course that you've been looking for.

YOU have a dream to change your life, earn the money you deserve, create your ideal lifestyle and make a difference in the world.

We have the training and support to make that happen - a lot quicker and easier than you ever imagined.

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Wouldn't it be nice if your money was working just as hard as you do?

Imagine waking up to see money being deposited into your account.

You get emails from your bank saying that your new tenant has paid your rent on time.

And your dividend payments will be arriving in your account first thing tomorrow morning 

Your net worth is growing in a way that feels joyful and easy.

But that's not what happens for you now, is it?

In between having to get up to go to work everyday and getting money into your bank account is a roller coaster of emotions, anxiety, fear, and a whole lot of second guessing yourself.

You're sitting looking at emails from work, wondering how are you going to get everything done.

Right now, you're probably frustrated and just not passionate about your work life balance.

This is the reason I created an exit strategy and I retired in my 30s

The key you might be missing like I was

 is simple...

A financial strategy built around passive income

If you are thinking that you just need to budget better or just cut back on expenses and work harder

Understand this..

Working harder is never the answer.

Transformation starts with your MINDSET.

You might be struggling right now with finding your true purpose

Maybe you are trying to earn enough to quit your day job

You might be aiming to make money in the stock market or real estate

You want to earn more money but you want to do it with less effort

Everytime you think you are ready to step outside of your comfort zone your money blocks resurface

  • I'm going to have to work so hard
  • I've never invested in real estate before
  • I might lose money in the stock market
  • I'm not good with money

And that's when people usually find me and my work

Because they feel stuck or because they're looking for a missing puzzle piece to grow their income and net worth quicker but without burnout and stress.

Maybe you've read my book or attended one of my trainings and now you need some extra support 

So you know what gets you through it?

Not getting a new job, not even getting a promotion.

Definitely not working harder

The difference for the people that have mastered the art of making more money while working less is not that didn't feel the fear of trying something new; it's that they know how not to let it stop them in their tracks.

The answer - you need financial mentorship.

How is your money mindset holding you back from a life of abundance?

- You're always looking for ways to cut back on your expenses

- You feel like making money outside of your job is hard

- You think the more money you save the better off you will be

The hard truth is that you are focused on the wrong things

You just need support in upgrading your money mindset and strategy

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Millionaire Mindset Training

Everything begins and ends in the mind. Learn how to overcome your insecurities, childhood traumas and limited belief systems so you can create a lifestyle that most people dream about.

Real Estate Investing Simplified

Create passive income with rental properties and speed up the wealth building process. This program will teach you how to find rental properties, manage them and use them to fund your lifestyle.

Stock Market Investing 2.0

Do you want to start investing but not sure where to start? This program will teach you everything about the stock market in a way you can understand.

Job Market Exit Strategy

Are you in a position to leave your job and never have to work again? If not, you need to create an exit strategy. Learn the new ways of making more money faster in the job market and the blueprint on how to never depend on a job for income.

Hear from the people who have worked with Chris


This program keeps things simple and you can get results fast. I made over $30k in the stock market and bought my first rental property working with Chris!!

Here's what’s in the program


Module 1: The Millionaire Mindset Explained

  • Create an abundant mindset
  • Create your success routine
  • Letting people go so you can grow


Module 2: How to Build Your Own Economy

  • How to stop buying so much stuff and start creating financial freedom
  • Automated Budgeting and Networth Building
  • Debt Payoff Accelerator


Module 3: Stock Market Investing Simplified 2.0

  • How to use the Stock Market to create financial freedom
  • How to use Dividends to Pay Your Bills (Work smart not hard) 
  • How to get Your Money Working Harder than You.


Module 4: Job Market Exit Strategies and Hacks

  • How to Fire Your Boss and Get Your Time Back
  • How to Speed up Your Salary Increases
  • Retire From Your Job but Never Retire From Making Money


Module 5: Real Estate Investing Simplified 

  • How to Create Passive Income
  • Where to Buy Rental Properties
  • How to Collect Rental Checks and Travel


Module 6: Legacy Building Simplified

  • How to Create the Perfect Life Insurance Policy 
  • Raising Financially Educated Kids
  • Marriage and Money Simplified (Never have a Money Fight again, ever!)

Meet Your Instructor, 

Chris Virgin, MBA

Chris Virgin is a former banker with a Masters degree in Business Administration. His 3 degrees didn't allow him to create the life he really wanted, so he created an exit strategy. He has traded in his 3 degrees for 3 passports so Chris and his family can travel the world and enjoy life on their own terms.

Chris is best known for his financial strategy that allowed him to pay off his house in 3 years and retire in his 30s. For years, he was under the assumption that he had to work at a "Good Job" until the age of sixty-five.  Honestly, the thought of working on a job for 35 years is depressing. This lead to Chris creating an exit strategy utilizing automated budgeting, the stock market and real estate to get his life back.  Ask yourself, do you have control over your time and money?

Here’s what people are saying about Chris


After working with Chris I was able to double my stock portfolio!! I am no longer just focusing on paying bills. My focus is on building wealth for my family.


This is the most comprehensive program I have ever taken. This program is better than college. I made over $60k off of one stock!!

It's time for YOU to Become a First Gen Millionaire


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Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

I want to build a legacy for my family!!

My family came to America for a better life but they struggle because no one taught them about money. Chris helped me develop a millionaire mindset. Now I run my own stock portfolio and own 2 rental properties. Thanks Chris!!!

Why didn't we learn this in school!!

Chris showed me exactly where to find the best stocks and rental properties.  I've made over 100k in the stock market working with Chris.

I quit my job!!

As an nurse, the pay is good but the stress is just not worth it. Chris taught me how to budget my money and build a real estate portfolio that has allowed me to get my time back.

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