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New Anthem gameplay details: story, progress & customizing

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 7 hours, 59 mins ago

We aren't very far out from the release of Anthem and to get the hype ball moving further along, BioWare has released a new gameplay video. This time round we will be looking at Anthem's story, progression and customization options.



BioWare has started a new gameplay series for their coming new release Anthem. In the above video we get an in-depth look at Anthem's story, level progression and customization options. At the beginning of the video we get some details regarding the games story, we learn about the the Anthem of Creation and the dominion, as well as our role as players and what it means to be able to step into a javelin suits.


About halfway through the video we get a more deeper understanding of the customization options and how players will have to change their load out depending on what mission or enemy they are trying to conquer. Each javelin has "2 offensive slots, 1 support slot, 2 weapon slots, 6 component slots and 1 ultimate power." Players will have to find a balance between each of these slots, load outs will change depending on the play style of the player and the mission that is ahead of them. For more Anthem news, check out yesterdays gameplay video release, it showcases 10 more minutes of gameplay, click here.

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Dead Cells moves 100,000 units within its Switch launch week

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 9 hours, 59 mins ago

If you are into indie games there is no doubt that you have heard of Motion Twin's Dead Cells. The title released back in 2017 and was a hit success in its genre, a year later it released on the Nintendo Switch and took off sales wise.





Dead Cells came to the Nintendo Switch on August 7th, 2018 and was very well received by the Switch community. So well received that the sales for Dead Cells outsold the PlayStation 4 sales by 4 to 1. Recently the sales numbers have been released by Motion Twin and it reveals that within the first of its release on the Nintendo Switch Dead Cells managed to sell 100,000 copies.


Now this might not sound like a lot of copies when comparing to a AAA title, but for an indie rouge-lite action-platformer this is quite an achievement and Motion Twin should be more than proud of their efforts. To reward all those players that picked up Dead Cells, Motion Twin have said that there will be a free major patch headed fro Dead Cells sometime in the early months of 2019. As more details are released about the content update I will be sure to follow up with another news piece. Want more information on Dead Cells? Check out the official website here.

Become a god in SMITE's launch trailer for Nintendo Switch

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 10 hours, 59 mins ago

Nintendo Switch owners are about to be blessed with yet another fantastic game, Titan Forge Games will be debuting SMITE very soon for the handheld console.



Portable gamers will be glad to know that they will be able to go full god mode wherever they in about a week. Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games will be debuting their title SMITE to the Nintendo Switch on January 24th and to celebrate the launch almost being upon us they have released the above launch trailer.


Nintendo Switch owners can pre-order the 'Founder's Pack' which contains bonus loot for the player, the Foxy Amaterasu skin, 200 gems and much more. I have provided a full dot point list in the entirety of this post. If you are interested in checking out more news to do with SMITE, visit the announcement trailer here. For more information regarding SMITE for the Nintendo Switch, visit the official listing for the title here.

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Bungie committed to Destiny for long haul

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 11 hours, 59 mins ago

Now that it's broken away from Activision, Bungie is in charge of its own Destiny...and it should be a bright future.




Few studios with stellar AAA power remain independent as long as Bungie has, but the devs have managed to stay in charge of their own future by consistently navigating the industry will skill, luck, and a proven track record. Having split from Activision and gained full control over the Destiny IP, Bungie is looking to a future where it self-publishes its own games--including the next Destiny game. But there's other things in the works, too: Bungie received a $100 million investment from Nexon to fund a "bold new vision," and is reportedly working on a brand new IP (possibly related to its Matter trademark).


Despite all these plans and moving parts, Bungie remains strongly committed to the Destiny brand. The series isn't going anywhere any time soon now that Bungie is in total control of it. Series director Luke Smith says as much in a recent weekly update: "Long-term, Bungie is committed to Destiny. We created the universe and we hold its future entirely in our hands. The vast majority of the team is hard at work envisioning future experiences, enemies, and ways to play the Guardian you've been building since 2014. We're going to keep doing that."

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Mortal Kombat XI's story takes us back to the past

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 13 hours, 32 mins ago

Today WB Games released a ton of new Mortal Kombat XI info, including a spine-tearing gameplay trailer and confirming the sequel's continuing story arc.




Mortal Kombat XI's story is all about time, specifically how its related to the fabric of reality. The fighting series' penchant for big, overarcing sagas will continue with the latest entry and picks up directly where Mortal Kombat X left off. Raiden's actions literally broke time itself, and a mysterious new god-like being has stepped in to restore it. This time around we'll actually be traveling back to the past to fight "shadow" versions of ourselves and eventually take on the game's first-ever female boss, Kronika.


"Raiden has upset the balance of history with the death of Shinnok. Tired of Earthrealm's defiance, Kronika, The Keeper of Time will bring order to the universe through any means necessary."


"MK11 picks up right where MKX left off. Raiden had become a dark god. Turns out he's disrupted the balance of good and evil in the universe that was desired by Kronika, a new character in the Mortal Kombat universe who is the keeper of time, the architect of the destiny of the universe," said story director Dominic Cianciolo.

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Mortal Kombat XI gameplay is fluid, chaotic, and violent

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 14 hours, 20 mins ago

Netherealm shows off new Mortal Kombat XI gameplay footage and it's fluid, slick, and quite brutally sick (just how we like our MK).




As we expected, the official gameplay is pretty damn wicked: there's broken bones, close-ups of tearing faces off, and poor Scorpion even gets exsanguinated and then pincushioned with spears made of his own blood. Apart from amazing visual fidelity, high-end animations, and the grace of Netherealm's updated games engine, not a lot is actually shown off in the footage outside of combos, gore, and overall mayhem. But that's the name of the game after all.


Mortal Kombat XI is full of new tricks, too. The devs at Netherealm added a feature called "crushing blow," which is essentially mini-fatality-like cutscenes interspersed in the fight. The gameplay trailer is full of these little bloody massacres. The game will also feature tons of new gameplay-altering content like augments, which can be applied to gear on a character-by-character basis to actually change the outcome of battles. This customization offers "almost infinite variations," said Ed Boon. These items will be awarded in Towers of Time trials, a mode that's specifically designed to keep gamers playing for as long as possible and folds into WB Interactive's penchant for engagement.

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Anthem's Ranger class has a Destiny Titan-like bubble shield

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 15 hours, 31 mins ago

Each of Anthem's four mech classes--Ranger, Colossus, Interceptor and Storm--all have their own unique support abilities that can be augmented with loot. It just so happens that the Ranger class, which is the starter javelin with an emphasis on precision, has a nifty bubble shield option straight out of Destiny.




I'm a Defender Titan through and through. I absolutely love my Destiny 1 build and there's nothing that could sway me to other classes or builds. I really enjoy being this walking tank protector that not only shields my allies, but builds them up with helpful buffs. Although Anthem isn't a lot like Destiny, it's taking some nifty queues from Bungie's shared-worlds shooter, namely with specific abilities.


The Ranger javelin's support ability is a shield-based AoE and can do various things like protecting allies from projectiles during crazy heated moment and buff them with speed, damage, or armor bonuses. But every shield isn't the same. The support ability's efficacy and type depends on the gear you have equipped. So the Bulwark Point, which creates the Destiny-Titan-like bubble shield that allies can shoot through, is tied to gear and won't be available unless you have that specific item equipped.

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Nintendo Switch outsells PS4 2:1 in Japan

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 17 hours, 30 mins ago

The Nintendo Switch enjoyed a massively successful year of hardware sales, especially in Japan where it's the favored system and conquers the likes of PS4, 3DS, and Xbox One.




The Nintendo Switch handheld-console hybrid has outsold its nearest competitor, the PlayStation 4, by over 2:1 in both system's home country of Japan. According to the latest sales metrics from Famitsu, the Switch sold 3.48 million units throughout 2018 compared to the PlayStation 4's 1.69 million.


These metrics come at an interesting time when global Switch sales crested 22 million as of September, and an incredible run in the US as the fastest-selling console of all time.

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10 new minutes of Anthem gameplay: boss fight, story & more

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 6 hours ago

IGN has released yet another gameplay video of BioWare's upcoming online multiplayer action role-playing game Anthem. This time we get a touch of story, some awesome combat, puzzles and even a boss fight.



At the start of the video we gather that we will be going on a side quest, throughout the side quest viewers will be able to experience a small amount of narrative driven story while also seeing some combat of the Colossus and Interceptor Javelin. The side quest takes us on a retrieval mission for a manuscript, we see the characters pass through enemies and also be required to work out some mildly difficult puzzles.


It should also be mentioned that throughout this side quest we get a great change of landscape and a beautiful showcase of cave flora and fauna within the world of Anthem. Eventually arriving at the destination, we get a great display of combat with all of the javelins working in unison to defeat a Titan. The battle rages for quite some time and all of the players were brought down to very low health, its always good to see some high difficulty boss fights in an MMO. Anthem will be coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 22nd.

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FoxNext chooses the Nintendo Switch for Alien: Blackout

By: Jak Connor | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 7 hours ago

FoxNext Games, the developers of Alien: Blackout have said that if they were to bring Blackout to consoles the Nintendo Switch would be their console of choice.




Jordan Boyd from DualShockers got to sit down with FoxNext and go hands-on with Alien: Blackout. Throughout his experience, Boyd asked FoxNext Games' Vice President TQ Jefferson a question regarding Black arriving on consoles. In response to this question Jefferson said; "I think Switch is a good one to bring up and we've certainly seen many games go from mobile to console or more likely console to mobile. If I had to pick a platform to put it (Alien: Blackout) on, I'd pick Switch."


Since the announcement of Alien: Blackout, many fans of the Alien franchise are quite upset with the decision to aim the game towards mobile, tablets and consoles. Many fans were hoping for an extension of the Alien: Isolatioin games, but as Boyd has reported the judgment for Alien: Blackout going to consoles etc may not be fair, as the game hasn't even been released yet. Perhaps patience and a healthy amount of skepticism is key here, and since everyones expectations for Blackout are low, maybe some fans will be surprised at what FoxNext Games have created. Alien: Blackout releases on iOS and Android on January 24th.

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